Cookies by the Pound

most cookies are $9.00 a pound

Looking for a different type of cookie?

Rainbow Layer

Tri-color almond flavor cake layered with jam and covered in chocolate

Party Cake

Vanilla flavor birthday cake in a cookie


Vanilla tart with a soft peanut butter center covered in chocolate and nuts

Black Forest

Chocolate cookie with a soft cherry center covered in white chocolate and brownie crumbs


Graham cracker tart with a soft marshmallow center enrobed in chocolate 

Caramel Chocolate

Soft caramel center on a butter cookie enrobed in chocolate with a caramel drizzle

Fudge Mint

Chocolate cookie with a soft minty center enrobed in chocolate

Chocolate Drizzle Macaroon

Moist coconut cookie drizzled and bottomed in chocolate

Chocolate Florentine

Crispy delicate honey sugar treat sandwiched with chocolate or white chocolate

Strawberry Leaf

Delightful strawberry flavor in a traditional leaf shape

Pistachio Leaf 

Pistachio cookie with a chocolate bottom in a leaf shape

Raspberry Pocket

A crispy cookie with a raspberry filling center


Vanilla buttery cookie bottomed with chocolate and sprinkles

Almond Tart

Buttery tart filled with raspberry jam and topped with almonds


These shortbread cookies get their name from how they melt in your mouth. 

We have delicious cookies for any occasion.